Saturday, May 19, 2007

United States and England, Safe-Havens for the Terrorists?

by Adnan Gill

As hard as it may seem, but the truth is the so-called leaders waging war against the menace of terrorism are guilty of providing safe-Havens for the terrorists. Yes, it is true, in this day and age, the United States and England are indeed harboring and nurturing some of the worlds most dangerous and vicious terrorists. It is such a shame that the government's of these countries not only provide safety and comfort to these terrorists, but in many cases they even reward them with their citizenship along with public welfare benefits. You got it right; the terrorists are harbored and comforted at taxpayers' hard-earned money.

In a prime example of hypocrisy and an instance of violation of international laws, in February 2001, one of the worst terrorist the world has ever known, a man credited with more acts of terrorism than Osama bin Laden, a man solely responsible for the massacre of thousands of Pakistani citizens was granted British citizenship with full civil, constitutional rights and privileges available to all British citizens. His name is Altaf Hussain. By granting citizenship to him, the British government deliberately violated international laws, like the UN Security Council's (UNSC) Resolution 1189 (section 5) and still stands in violation of, among many, UNSC Resolution 1368.

By the late 1990’s, there were over 260 criminal cases, many involving acts of terrorism, pending/decided in Pakistan against Altaf Hussain. The Daily Telegraph reported, "When [the news media] asked why Mr Hussain was not deported to Pakistan before he was granted citizenship, a British diplomat [casually] said: ‘He has not committed a crime on British soil.’" In other words, one man's terrorist is another man's hero; but in this case the terrorist was rewarded with the British citizenship. As observed by the British news media, Altaf Hussain is still allowed by the British government to micromanage MQM from UK.

A taxi driver turned politician, in 1984; he became the leader of a political party, called Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM; previously also known as Muhajir Quami Movement). Based on racial lines, his party established no-go-areas and also opened up a number of torture cells around the city for those who were perceived to be political threats to the party. MQM is frequently cited for their involvement in terrorist and mafia activities, especially within the city of Karachi. It is widely believed, that the money made through carjackings, land grabbing, kidnappings, drug running, extortion (Bhatta), etc., enabled MQM to make remarkable gains in successive elections.

In another instance of how the British government protects and nurtures terrorists and mass murderers, Augusto Pinochet, ex-president of Chile and a wanted man for the murders of 3,000 dissidents and leftists, and for the torture of another 30,000 was first arrested and then was released by the then British Home Secretary Jack Straw without facing trial. The message was, unless British interests are harmed, all sort of fascists and terrorists can seek a safe-heaven in England.

Similarly, on the other side of Atlantic, the other self-proclaimed leader of war-against-terrorism has been busy protecting and harboring terrorists as well.

In 2006, a U.S Federal Court of Appeals set a notorious Cuban terrorist free. A Cuban terrorist, Luis Posada has boasted of helping set off deadly bombs in Havana hotels and masterminding a 1976 bombing of a Cuban airplane that killed 73 people. Declassified FBI and CIA documents corroborated Posada’s boasts. In a May 18, 2007, the Los Angeles Times editorial which honed on the hypocrisy of the Bush administration, it said, "With a misguided decision upholding bail for Cuban-born terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has done more than free a frail old man facing unremarkable immigration charges. It has exposed Washington to legitimate charges of hypocrisy in the war on terror." The editorial then equated Posada with the convicted terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. It stated, "In other words, Posada is the Zacarias Moussaoui of Havana and Caracas. Moussaoui is serving a life sentence without parole in a federal prison in Colorado for conspiracy in the 9/11 attacks; Posada is free to live in Miami."

Then there are international criminals and terrorists like Charles Taylor. Taylor seized power in Liberia, and is indicted by the United Nation's Special Court with a 654-count indictment for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the conflict in Sierra Leone. These individuals are supported by the American political heavyweights and leaders of a very strong televangelist-Christians lobby like Pat Robertson. Robertson repeatedly supported Charles Taylor in various episodes of his TV program ‘700 Club’.

On June 2, 1999, a ‘The Virginian-Pilot’ article reported that Charles Taylor had extensive business dealings with televangelist Pat Robertson. The article alleged that Taylor gave Robertson the rights to mine for diamonds in Liberia. These diamonds are also known as blood-diamonds which the American government has now prohibited its imports. In an investigation conducted by the police against Robertson, it had been alleged that Robertson used his ‘Operation Blessing’ planes to haul diamond-mining equipment to his mines in Liberia. But for some unexplained and mysterious reasons, the Attorney General of Virginia Mark Earley blocked any potential prosecution against Robertson. Clearly, Pat Robertson, a racist and a bigot, who doesn't mind lining his pockets with the stolen money from his ministry and the blood-diamonds. This is the man who blames “Islam for teaching violence,” but is fine with violence as long as he can fatten up his personal bank accounts with the blood-money.

The United States and England (the self-proclaimed leaders in the war-against-terrorism), either believe that they are the only authorities that can designate ”terrorists”, or they believe that the rest of the world is too stupid or too blind to see through their hypocrisy. Meanwhile, they continue to boldly provide safe-havens to some of the most notorious terrorists. Either way, shame on them!

Three weeks after 9/11, Afghanistan was invaded and occupied by the so-called leaders of war-against-terrorism, because she was providing safe-havens for the terrorists. One of the reasons given for the invasion and occupation of Iraq was its contacts with the terrorists. Libya was bombed and heavily embargoed for decades, because it refused to hand over the men involved in PanAm bombing. Naturally, one has to wonder, can anyone dare to invade and occupy the United States and England for providing safe-havens for the terrorists?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Between a Rock and a Hard place

by Adnan Gill

History is full of leaders who stood in the face of adversity and overcame it with courage and wisdom. Sir Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt are few of those giants who stared in the eyes of adversity and overwhelmed it with the perfect balance of valor and sagacity. Regrettably, history may not remember President George W. Bush as one of them. Most likely, he will be remembered for his zaniness, empty bravado, and misguided arrogance.

Not many American presidents would be remembered for getting stuck in quicksand of their own making; certainly not the kind that has placed President Bush between a rock and a hard place. His legacy will be of many missed opportunities and spectacular blunders. However, his decision to invade Iraq will leave the ugliest blotch on his legacy.

It was as if from the very beginning President Bush wanted to leave a lasting mark on history. He wanted to change, uproot, sabotage, or reverse almost every foreign policy initiative of his predecessors. Even before he was sworn into the Presidential office, he declared China to be “a competitor, not a partner.” In March 2001, after reneging on his campaign pledge to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, President Bush announced his opposition to the Kyoto Protocol. By December 2001, his administration notified Russia that it intended to pull out of the three-decade old Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

Then came the 9/11. For a moment, when he convincingly stood on the still simmering rubble of the World Towers and assured the nation, “I hear you,” we thought, we were seeing another Roosevelt in making. Unfortunately, that is all it was, a moment.

The whole world lined up behind him when he decided to go after the terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda. He was cheered on when he ousted the purist Taliban government in Afghanistan, even though they were routed out with the help of the Northern-Alliance savages. It was around that time when the Texan cowboy in him started to overcome the statesman in making. The cowboy wanted the whole world to hear the crack of his whip, as he mounted his high horse to roundup the nations whom he called the “axis of evil.”

Like a child who wants a new toy soon after getting bored with the toy he already has, President Bush too started to loose interest in Afghanistan and started to obsess himself with Iraq. Virtually every Taliban and Al-Qaeda leader on Bush Administration’s most-wanted list was still at large when the Neo-Cons in his administration embarked on a crusade to invade Iraq. Through hook or crook, the Neo-Cons tried to convince the world that Saddam was about to invade the world with his Weapons of Mass Destruction. Fake documents were circulated, spotty intelligence was artificially hyped, and pictures of Mushroom clouds were painted to cement world opinion for the Iraqi invasion. The Neo-Cons posse’s stated objectives to invade Iraq were "to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussein's support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people." Overruling every voice of sanity, the undermanned U.S military received its orders from its obsessed Commander-in-Chief to march into Baghdad.

Like a scene out of a Western/Cowboy movie, one fine day in May 2003, the Texan cowboy dismounted his Navy S-3B Viking on the deck of USS Abraham Lincoln. Behind him, the tower was adorned with a big sign that read, "Mission Accomplished." Like a victorious emperor, Bush announced in a nationally televised address that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended."

From that day onward, in ironic twists after ironic twists, the glorious victory in Iraq turned into violent chaos, and finally into a civil war. Led by the Baathist and Shi’ite groups like Muqtada al-Sadr’s militia the Anglo-American invasion was immediately followed by an Iraqi resistance. It was a nationalistic response to a foreign occupation. Slowly but surely the resistance turned into a bloody civil war. Like an ostrich with its head in sand the Bush Administration vainly tried to hide their failures in Iraq behind clichés like "freedom is winning", “Freedom's untidy”, insurgency is in its “last throes,” and “staying the course.”

Neither attacking nor occupying Iraq made the Middle-East a bastion of democracy, as claimed by the neo-cons, nor did Saddam’s death bring any respite to the chaos and mayhem spewing out of Iraq. Regardless of how sincere or respectable Bush Administration’s decision to invade Iraq was, the bitter truth is $300 billion, half-million dead Iraqis, and 3,000+ dead Americans later, the Iraqi misadventure is at the serious risk of turning into wars of sects and ethnicities; and by the virtue of Middle-East being the major energy supplier, perhaps its at the verge of Third World-War.

Some mess the Americans have created. Consider the following.

Everyone in control of their metal faculties knows that if Americans would leave Iraq in the middle of the civil war, the country would be dismembered into at least three states. A Kurdish state in the north, a Shi’ite one in the south, and a Sunni state in the middle and west. While the oil-plush Shi’ite and Kurdish states would cherish their "freedom," the Sunnis would lose more then just the oil income. Sunnis fear a Shi’ite Iraq would create a Shi’ite rule in a broad crescent across the Middle East and atop the most prized oil reserves. Shi’ite governments will stretch from Iran, through Iraq and Syria, and into Lebanon.

Iran and the Syria are already actively involved in turning Iraq into the first Arab-Shia state. Testifying before a House International Relations Subcommittee the (then) Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security John Bolton insisted that there are strong indicators Syria is assisting the anti-coalition forces in Iraq. A 40-page security report by the Saudi National Security Assessment Project suggested Iran has effectively created a “state within a state” in Iraq providing both logistical support for the armed Shi’ite groups and funds for social programs. The repot said while supporting pro-Iranian Iraqi politicians in Iraq, the Iranian military forces are providing Shi’ite militias with weapons and training. The report described the Badr organization --the armed wing of the biggest political party in Iraq’s government Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq [SCIRI] -- as the “key vehicle Iran is using to achieve its military security and intelligence aims.” In 2006, SCIRI party even announced plans to set up a separate Shi’ite state in southern Iraq, modeled after the existing Kurdish state.

Likewise, Sunni states like Saudi Arabia have also announced they would support the Iraqi Sunni population, because they don’t want to see a contiguous Shia belt, starting from Iran and ending in Lebanon, encircling them. In a November 29, 2006 Washington Post article Nawaf Obaid, an adviser to the Saudi government, wrote that if America leaves Iraq uninvited, "one of the first consequences will be massive Saudi intervention to stop Iranian-backed Shiite militias from butchering Iraqi Sunnis." Month before that, the (then) Saudi ambassador to the U.S Prince Turki al-Faisal, in no-uncertain terms warned the Americans in a speech, that "since America came into Iraq uninvited, it should not leave Iraq uninvited."

The Kurds who live in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran have long aspired for their own country, but none of the governments in the region support their ambition. Turkey and Syria have made it abundantly clear that they will not allow creation of a Kurdish state carved out of Iraq. Ankara fears that even an independent Kurdish state in Iraq could also engulf Turkey’s Kurdish regions.

Kurdish state stemming out of the fractured Iraq is a “red line” for Syria, too. In 2004, the Syrian Prime Minister Naji al-Otri warned that the creation of an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq would mean violation of the “red line” for Syria, which also shares the same concerns with neighboring Turkey. While visiting Ankara, the Syrian President Bashar Assad also cautioned, "We condemn all approaches that pose a threat to Iraq's territorial integrity."

Turkey blames the war in Iraq for rekindling Kurdish aspirations throughout the region. It is disappointed by the U.S refusal to take on the PKK insurgents in Iraq despite Washington's persistent declarations that PKK is a terrorist organization. Matters had been exacerbated by the success of Iraqi Kurds in setting up a thriving autonomous state in northern Iraq. The Turkish Kurds in the southeast recently abandoned their unilateral cease-fire and resumed their fight for independence. Reacting to the abandonment of the cease-fire, the Turkish government, in the summer of 2006, ordered its military to prepare for an attack on 3,000 Kurdistan Workers Party insurgents living in Kurdish-dominated northern Iraq. This prompted President Bush to twice call the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in order to persuade him not to attack.

As recently as November 2006, the Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gul issued a stern warning against the division of Iraq. "There are those who think that dividing Iraq might be better, that this chaos might end," he told reporters. "This is what we say: Don't even think of a such an alternative because that would lead Iraq toward new chaos." Then he alluded to the possibility of Iraqi conflict turning into an international one, "It would become not only Iraq's problem but the world's problem."

If the Iraqi mayhem is not brought under control in immediate future, no major country, including China and Russia, will be able to sit back and merely watch from the sidelines such turmoil in the heart of oil-supplying nations to spiral out of control. In a scenario in which events take a turn for the worst, the concerned nations will try to compose a global peace-force to safeguard the oil-supplies. Such a solution will be supported by majority of nations with the exceptions of the U.S and its closest ally the Great Britain who by most accounts will vigorously resist dilution of their influence in the region. If this level of confrontation is ever reached, all the bets will be off and it’s anybody’s guess where it will end.

The events unfolding in the Middle-East are matter of serious concern for the global community, but inevitably they are America’s problems as well. Iraq is in imminent danger of violent breakup. The breakup will drive millions of refugees across its borders. The refuges will bring with them their ethnic grievances, and their weapons. The Iraqi civil war has all the hallmarks of potentially setting off a chain reaction of regional conflicts that could draw in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and perhaps other players as well. America cannot simply wash its hands off Iraq and go home.

It would be intellectually suicidal to argue against the fact that the Bush Administration is squarely responsible for the Iraqi mayhem. But what is done is done. In short, it’s in everybody’s interest to give a chance to the Americans to cleanup the mess they have created. Of course, they won’t be able to cleanup their mess, until President Bush accepts the reality and fundamentally change his Iraqi policy. And the changes will have to be consistent with the recommendations of ‘Iraq Study Group.’ All we can do is cross our fingers and pray that at the end of day President Bush will see the light. A reality check, admission of unrighteousness and a bit of humility on his part could turn out to be a good start.

Maybe, one day, the historians will be able to explain the influences behind President Bush’s decision to open the Iraqi Pandora’s Box, and most importantly, what clouded his judgment in imagining America was winning the war? For whatever its worth, he is smart enough to understand the pottery barn rule, ‘you break it, you bought it.’


by Adnan Gill

Throughout the history almost every religion, every philosopher, every thinker, every historian, and nearly every Wiseman has feverishly abhorred hypocrisy and detested it more often and with more passion than any other behavior.

Almost 3,000 years ago, Homer said, "I detest that man, who hides one thing in the depths of his heart, and speaks forth another." Jesus of Nazareth had such an abomination of hypocrisy that he said the hypocrites "have neglected the more important matters of the law-justice, mercy and faithfulness" (Matthew 23:23). Shakespeare also gave some insight into the underpinnings of hypocrisy, "With devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar o'er the devil himself."

Ironically, the true hypocrites never think of themselves to be hypocritical; therefore, they say one thing and do another with impunity and especially with pride. The same is also true with today’s global leadership, led by the likes of U.S President George Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the Israeli government.

We carry such short memories, that it wasn’t even couple of months after the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, which resulted in the massacre of over 1,200 Lebanese citizens, all was forgotten and forgiven. It was during this instance of, often seen, Israeli barbarism new standards of hypocrisy were set by the self-proclaimed saviors of humanity.

HYPOCRISY: With the complete blessings and support of the U.S and U.K, all hell was set loose on Lebanon and Palestine by the Israelis, because 3 Israeli soldiers were kidnapped. In reality, the so-called moral leaders have never uttered a word over the countless abductions and targeted assassinations of dozens of democratically elected Lebanese and Palestinian legislators and officials. On August 19, 2006, Israel seized Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Naser al-Shaer, a top official of the Hamas militant group, at his home in the occupied West Bank. Not a word is wasted over the illegal and immoral incarceration of countless Lebanese and Palestinian civilians still rotting in Israeli dungeons. Not a single word is said over the collective punishment of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians.
HYPOCRITE: President Bush showed his real colors when he said, “this nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom.” And with this racially-charged hypocritical outburst he belittled and generalized over 1.4 billion humans or 1/5 of humanity. But his racist comments beg even more questions. Whose ‘freedoms’ was he referring to? Did he mean Israel’s ‘freedom’ to violate international laws by freely embarking on Lebanese/Arab genocides, or it’s ‘freedom’ to legislate racist laws? Or did President Bush mean the ‘freedom’ of neo-con doctrine of pre-emptive attacks on sovereign nations like the one on Iraq, in which, since the U.S occupation 60,000-500,000 Iraqis and close to 3,500 Americans have been killed? The reality is, in 2006, President Bush openly and unapologetically supported the bloodbath of Lebanese and Palestinians, and still turns blind eye to the daily massacres of Iraqi civilians. If there is anyone who deserves to be known as a ‘fascist’, it’s him, his neo-con hawks, his lackeys like Tony Blair, and the Zionist groupies who blame everyone else but themselves for their indiscriminate and unabashed murders of thousands upon thousands of Muslims in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan. Remarkably, it took them only less than 5 years to preside over all of these pogroms. The manner in which these saviors of the world are busy maligning Muslims can be directly collated to Adolph Hitler's deliberate vilification of Jews prior to World War II.
HYPOCRISY: Israel and Bush Administration arduously justified the destruction of Lebanon and the massacres of its people, under the pretext of, the Lebanese supposedly violated the UN Security Council’s (UNSC) resolution 1559. In reality, the resolution 1559 called upon “all remaining foreign forces [including Israeli] to withdraw from Lebanon.” In a direct violation of the resolution, Israel never vacated the Lebanese territory of Shebaa-Farms. Therefore, it had no legal or moral right to cry foul, especially when it had flagrantly violated 60 other UNSC resolutions relating to Israeli-Lebanese situation alone (see Appendix - A for the complete list). Hypocrites need to be cognizant of the fact that Israel violated UNSC resolution 425 (1978) for twenty two years. The resolution called upon the “Israel immediately to cease its military action against Lebanese territorial integrity and withdraw forthwith its forces from all Lebanese territory”. In an appearance on CNN’s ‘Paula Zahn Now’, the Lebanese consul general to the U.S Mohamad El-Harake shared his frustrations with the American hypocritical support of Israel at the UN Security Council. He said, “Let me tell you one thing before we finish. Israel took 22 years to implement Resolution 524, adopted in '78, to inviting Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon. Israel couldn't wait for 1559 adopted on the 2nd of September, less than two years, giving us the possibility of implementing this among ourselves as Lebanese. This is the way Israel wants to see a strong Lebanon?”
HYPOCRITES: Some of Evangelical Christians shamelessly support Israel in its brutality because they believe, for the biblical prophecies (The Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 38) to come true and to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus, Israel will have to annihilate its Arab neighbors. A 2003 Pew Research Centre poll found that 36 percent of Americans believe that the creation of the state of Israel was a step towards the Second Coming of Jesus and that Israel must be supported if this was to come true. In reality, what these religious zealots fail to mention is that the same prophetic literature prophesies a dim ending for the Jews, who will be either converted or killed off in Armageddon.
HYPOCRITES: American Zionists proudly send their children to Israel to get military training and to kill Arabs. American-media gives a flattering treatment to the American Zionists who join the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to fight the Arabs. They are revered as brave heroes. In reality, most of these heroes live in America, but they enlist only with the Israeli military. Not so surprisingly, the same media stereotypes the American Muslims as anti-American, even if they dare to participate in the humanitarian relief efforts for Lebanese and Palestinian civilians.
HYPOCRITES: During the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, on hourly bases, the vigilant American-media gave the latest count of Katyushas fired on Israel. In reality, Israel rained hundred times more weapons on Lebanon. The American-media never counted the Israeli cluster bombs, missiles, motors, rockets, and shells dropped by the Israelis on the hapless Lebanese civilians.
HYPOCRITES: The American and Jewish (Amerco-Jewish) news media eulogized and deciphered each shrapnel, every ball bearing, and every patch of grass of Israeli manicured lawns burned by the Hezbollah rockets. In reality, whenever a non-American or non-Israel media outlet showed pictorial proof of the Israeli brutality or Lebanese carnage, the Amerco-Jewish media hypocritically cried bloody-Marie and blamed the non-Amerco-Jewish media for inciting hatred against Israelis and instantly labeled them as anti-Semite.
HYPOCRITES: Amerco-Jewish news media claims to be fair and balanced. In reality, 90 percent of times, they ever so shamelessly, broadcasted a parade of ultra-Jewish diplomats who expectedly squarely blamed the Lebanese civilians for becoming victims of Israeli weapons. After the infamous 1982 massacres of Sabra and Shatila, the Jewish lobbies setup permanent institutional structures to sanitize its tarnished image and to win world opinion. Israel launched Hasbara project to win the U.S public opinion and trained its diplomats in public relations and communications. To cover-up its outed dirty secrets, Israel hired the largest U.S PR firms like NYPR to court favorable American public opinion. The Jewish propaganda machine put together groups and organizations with catchy names to marshal American support for the Israeli fascist policies. Americans for safe Israel, Christian coalition, Christian Broadcasting Network, American Jewish Congress, Christian Friends of Israel, Jews for Jesus, and AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful foreign lobby) are the most active organizations that remain busy with cloaking Israeli dirty deeds with an image of a pristine nation obsessed with humanitarian works. Then there are organizations like CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America). CAMERA, through its persistent harassment of journalists, ensures that media coverage remains pro-Israel.
HYPOCRISY: Israel and American government place themselves at the highest pedestal of morality and for the respect of law. In realty, the Human Rights Watch said the responsibility for the massacre in Qana rested "squarely with the Israeli military." Whenever Israelis killed the UN personnel, Red-Cross workers, or Lebanese civilians; the Israelis, Bush Administration, and the American-media nonchalantly dismissed the deliberate killings as accidents; even better, they blamed the Lebanese for bringing Israeli wrath upon themselves.
HYPOCRISY: Despite displacing 1 million and massacring over 1,200 Lebanese civilians during the first month of Israeli savage attack, it’s the Israelis that were portrayed as the victim by the Israelis, Bush Administration and the American-media. In reality, during the fighting 116 Israeli soldiers and only 43 Israeli civilians were killed. Israel massacred close to 28 Lebanese civilians for each Israeli civilian lost.
HYPOCRITE: In his comments, on July 31, 2006, President Bush said he wanted more than a ceasefire. "We want there to be a long-lasting peace, one that is sustainable." The reality is President Bush has blood of over 1,200 Palestinians and Lebanese on his hands. The Bush administration has ridiculed and stalled every peace effort, including Security Council ceasefire resolutions that could have saved innocent lives of hundreds of Lebanese civilians. If that wasn’t bad enough, his administration donated $210 million worth of aviation fuel to ensure that Israeli F-16s do not skip a beat in dropping bombs on Lebanese population, and expedited the supply of precision-guided bunker buster bombs for Israel to hasten the Lebanese holocaust. One such Made-in-America precision-guided bomb dropped from an Israeli F-16 massacred 54 Lebanese civilians in Qana, of which half were blossoming children.
HYPOCRISY: Israel claimed it warned the Lebanese civilians beforehand to leave. In reality, before sending out the warning, Israelis also ensured every route leading out of Southern Lebanon laid in ruins. They also made sure that every escaping vehicle, every civilian convoy flying white flags, every UN personnel carrier escorting the civilians, and every Red-Cross ambulance rescuing the civilians from the Israeli murderous campaign didn’t escape intact. Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch said, "Just because the Israeli military warned the civilians… to leave does not give it carte blanche to blindly attack." Israeli fire was also directly responsible for the cold-blooded murders of 257 UN personnel.
HYPOCRITES: American politicians and Media diligently harp on Israel being the most reliable ally and partner. In reality, the partnership had been largely one way, in favor of Israel. To date, Israel has received well over $110 billion FREE dollars in military and economic assistance from Washington.
HYPOCRITES: American politicians and Media proudly call Israel to be its closest ally. In reality, Israelis have never shied away from shedding American blood whenever it suited them. On June 8, 1967, while patrolling in international waters in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, without any warning or justification, for several hours, the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was savagely attacked by Israeli air and naval forces. The Americans suffered 34 fatalities and 173 were wounded. To this day, not a single Israeli has been court marshaled or punished for deliberately slaughtering Americans.
HYPOCRITES: Israel and the U.S complain to no end that Hezbollah is armed by Iran and Syria. In reality, Israel has received 17 billion dollars of arms from the United States in last 10 years alone. In 2002, U.S gave $6 billion free aid to Israel. $2 billion were for Israel to buy American made weapons. $1.5 billion for military ventures to subsidize Israeli domestic armament industry. This amount doesn’t include other forms of military aid, such as free weapons and fuel for IDF.
HYPOCRITES: Pro-Israeli media repeatedly flashed Israeli propaganda videos showing infrared videos of firings of the so-called Hezbollah rockets as the Israeli spokespeople hammered their propaganda. In reality, the pro-Israeli media consistently failed to provide a neutral and reliable confirmation to support the Israeli propaganda. Experts familiar with Israeli tactics believed the alleged videos of Hezbollah rocket launches were the Oscar-Award winning self-engineered videos of the Israeli psych-ops (an Israeli military unit tasked to control and dominate the dissemination of information in favor of Israel, even through deceit and lies).
HYPOCRISY: The UN bullied by the U.S conveniently found time during the Israeli invasion to pass a Security Council resolution to threaten Iran with sanctions. In reality, the UN couldn’t muster enough courage to even request Israel to temporarily halt Lebanese genocide, so the Lebanese could have buried the rotting bodies of their loved ones.
HYPOCRITES: Israel and the U.S call Hezbollah a terrorist organization. In reality, survey after survey show that most of the world views Israel to be a terrorist state. With the exceptions of the U.S, Israel and their lackeys the Britain, no one else calls Hezbollah a terrorist organization, not even the UN or EU does.
HYPOCRITES: Israel argues, since Hezbollah emerged from and flourishes with the help Southern Lebanese population, therefore, everyone from that area should be considered and dealt as a combatant. In reality, almost every able Israeli adult either serves or has served, or is a reservist in the Israeli military. Therefore, by Israelis’ logic, every Israeli adult associated with the IDF should also be treated as legitimate combatant.
HYPOCRISY: Israeli government arms the Jewish settlers in occupied settlements with automatic guns and grenades for the supposed self-defense. In reality, the Jewish settlers mount vigilante attacks on the unarmed Palestinians. They destroy crops, uproot trees, and burn the homes of Palestinians who happened to be living there for last hundreds of years.
HYPOCRITE: The U.S presents itself as a fair and honest broker. In reality, between 1973 and 2001, the U.S used veto 33 times at the UN Security Council to sabotage Israel-specific resolutions. In addition, since the 1967 Six-Day Arab-Israeli war, the U.S has exercised its veto at the Security Council more than 90 times in support of Israel, rendering the UN totally impotent.
HYPOCRITES: Bush and his poodle Blair never get tired lecturing the whole world on the virtues of democracy. In reality, they demand the Lebanese and Palestinians to exercise their democratic rights by electing only the candidates desired by the Tel-Aviv and Washington. Since the democratically elected Lebanese and Palestinian governments are not run by the puppets of Tel-Aviv and Washington, monetary aid for public (including humanitarian) projects for the Palestinians was cut off, and Israel clamped a virtual blockade of Gaza and Lebanon. The consul general Mohamad El-Harake summarized the Israeli strategy very well to CNN’s Paula Zahn. He said, “It is with Israel always a catch-22 situation. Either you kill each other as Lebanese, or I [will] come to kill you all.”
HYPOCRITES: For several decades the British and Americans boycotted South Africa for its apartheid practices. In reality, neither the U.K, nor U.S ever utter a peep over illegal Israeli-occupation of Palestinian and Lebanese land, ethnic cleansing, and cold-blooded murders of Lebanese and Palestinians. Ironically, they declare the starvation of the Lebanese and Palestinians at the hands of Israelis as fair and legitimate.
HYPOCRISY: The U.S allows the private sector to take high-resolution satellite pictures of its own military and nuclear installations. In reality, American laws bar everyone from taking satellite pictures of Israeli military and nuclear installations.
HYPOCRITES: Upon the whims of Israel, Al-Minar, a Hezbollah T.V channel was banned in the U.S, Europe and India for allegedly spreading its propaganda. In reality, nobody says a word over the specially trained Israeli diplomats in public relations and communications -- like Alon Pinkas (a coordinator of PR efforts and the Israeli Counsel-General in New York) -- regularly winning and dinning with the America reporters and editors to disseminate the Israeli propaganda.
HYPOCRITES: If anyone, even justifiably, dares to question or oppose the Zionist mantra or their behavior he/she is instantly labeled as “anti-Semite”. In reality, Zionists call every non-Jew a “Gentile”. Those who maybe unaware of the meaning, Gentile means, Heathen, Pagan, or Uncivilized. Social stigmatism/assassination through labeling is the most commonly employed tactic by the Zionists to intimidate and harass their perceived foes.
HYPOCRITES: West never allows the whole world, especially the Germans, to forget the holocaust. In reality, for the last 60 years when it comes to Israel the West remains blind to making the 5 million Palestinians pay reparations for the holocaust.

It would be equally hypocritical to generalize every American and British and their whole media as biased in favor of Israel. U.S Congressman John Martha and the British Member of Parliament George Galloway are shinning examples of fair-minded politicians. Refreshingly, some of British news media, like ‘The Independent,’ provides unbiased coverage; occasionally, American media also exhibit glimpses of unbiased opinion. For example, August 1, 2006, in a ‘Los Angeles Times’’ Op-Ed, Adam Shatz pointed to the Israeli hypocritical humanitarian concerns, he wrote, “When Israel targets densely populated areas in hopes of killing one or a handful of militants, knowing that it may end up killing dozens of civilians, it can hardly claim to be showing concern for humanitarian law or civilian life. And by asking that we judge it by its professed intentions, rather than by its actions, Israel is asking too much of us and far too little of itself.”

Host of political satire John Stewart and the anchor of ABC World News Charles Gibson are also notable exceptions and pleasant examples of honorable and unbiased American journalists.

Maybe Andr Gide had Ehud Olmert and President Bush -- certainly not Tony Blair who merely loves to sit in Bush’s lap and wag his tail -- in mind when he observed, "The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity." Ehud Olmert flattened Lebanon under the pretext of self-defense, and President Bush flattened Afghanistan, Iraq and then helped Ehud Olmert flatten Lebanon under the pretext of self-defense and fighting terrorism. Who will fight the terror of these hypocrites?


Following UN Security Council Resolutions directly name, condemn and/or deplore Israel for its violations. (Source:

Directly or indirectly asks Israel to respect Lebanese territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence:
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Deplores Israeli actions or lack of cooperation:
444, 467, 488, 517, 518

Condemns and calls upon Israel to cease military actions in Lebanese territories:
262, 270, 313, 316, 331, 347, 425, 450, 498, 501, 508

Condemns and deplores Israel for violating ceasefire and for military reprisals:
270, 280, 508, 509, 516, 517, 518, 520

Demands Israel to completely withdraw from the Lebanese territories:
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Condemns and deplores Israel for violating Security Council resolutions:
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Condemns and deplores Israel for violating Geneva Convention and Human rights Laws:
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Deplores Israel for the interference and attacks on the UN Forces on the Israeli-Lebanese border:
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Demands Israel to release abducted/kidnapped Lebanese personnel:
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