Saturday, March 26, 2005

Indians behind masks

For the life of me, I will never understand why Indians always assume non-Indian IDs? Maybe the reason is inferiority complex, or maybe its insanity, but the fact remains the same, most of Indians are afraid to authenticate their opinions by showing their real face. Following is yet another example of one such Indian who calls himself “Citizen Jay.” Enjoy!

Adnan Gill

Citizen Jay said... “Seems to me the reaons only keep piling up

Let’s hear some of those reasons?

Citizen Jay said... “what's not justifiable is propping up a dictatorship with weapons to start an arms race with its free, democratic neighbor.”

If I didn’t know any better, I would say you are an Indian. Next to Saudi Arabia, India has become the largest arms importer. It has been on arms buying spree for last few years. The weapons systems India had been buying in last couple of years range from Russian aircraft carrier (along with Mig-29 war planes), French and German subs, Russian top notch SU-30MKIs, new Russian main battle tanks, French Mirage-2000N (nuclear capable strategic bombers) to ballistic missiles, and for some unknown reason people like you are blaming Pakistan for starting an arms race by daring to purchase of mere 24 F-16? People like you need to understand that crying wolf over even such trivial matters makes rest of the sain world ignore you as a habitual whiner.

Citizen Jay said... “You yourself said it was a ‘highly volatile’ situation;”

Check again, I called it a “highly volatile neighborhood,” and the credit goes to India for exploding nuclear weapons first and amassing weapons more than it can possibly need to destroy many times over Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, or even Pakistan. Who is India preparing to fight, the world?

Citizen Jay said... “When it comes to fighting a war on a terrorism, Pakistan's contributions thus far are appreciated, but since Pakistan has also contributed a great deal to the opposite side, I see no rush to give out rewards.”

Moral and diplomatic support to freedom fighters in India and Afghanistan can not be misconstrued as terrorism, or else you will have to bracket the US in the category.

Citizen Jay said... “‘F-16's have nothing to do with fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban.’”

Why not?

Citizen Jay said... “Perhaps you too are stuck in a Cold War-era mentality which forces you to take sides against India?”

You are right. Unlike Indians, who switch allegiance and alliances more often than I switch my socks, I tend to view India’s hegemonic designs at its face value.

Citizen Jay said... “Those days are long gone, pal, and as the times have changed, so should our evaluation of who we favor in South Asia.”

Then what are you complaining for?


Blogger Adnan Gill said...

The debate was started on my blog, so please leave a response on my blog. I neither have time to waste nor any inkling in spending it by going through your monologs just to find your identity or your so-called responses.

Adnan Gill

11:28 PM  

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