Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bugti... a martyr or an unrepentant murderer?

In my opinion, Musharaf made a big mistake by having Bugti killed in a battle. By doing this, he gave the Baloch nationalists a martyr. Arresting and allowing him to rot in jail would have been a much wiser alternative. Musharaf should have arrested and televised Bugti’s fair trial, so people all over the world could have known the realities. Most probably, history will not look at Musharaf kindly for this blunder.

Nawab Bugti commanded well-organized private militia, ran dozens of militant training camps, murdered hundreds, ran private torture prisons and personal courts. It is said Bugti committed his first murder at the age of 11 or 12. Balochs may choose to forget and forgive him for the murders and ordering executions of hundreds of poor and innocent Balochs, but make no mistake, Allah knows and sees all. Allah will not allow the blood of poor and innocent Balochs at the hands of Bugti go in vain.

The question all of us should be asking is who will shed a tear for the nameless victims of Bugti’s wrath?


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