Monday, November 05, 2007

Greatest Game

by Adnan Gill

It is unfortunate that violence in Pakistan seems to have made us numb to suicide and bomb blasts. The blasts at the PPP rally will have immense political repercussions. Neither the motives nor the benefits from this tragedy should be hard to speculate. All we have to do is think who will benefit the most from it? Even though most of the casualties are sustained by the PPP workers, ironically the fruits of this tragedy will be reaped by the PPP. The PPP has gotten the trump-card of victimisation. Another ‘outfit’ that has a lot of interest in a destabilised Pakistan is the US. A destabilised and politically weakened Pakistan will conveniently play as puppet whose strings will be in the hands of the US through its proxies of Musharraf and Benazir. Is it a mystery why Osama bin Laden is still at large, even though we have been told for the last six years that he is hiding in a five square miles area on the Pak-Afghan border? To some, it is not a mystery because it serves the powers-to-be. What we are witnessing is only a small part of a ‘game’.

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