Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mumbai Evidence!

I don't want to speculate on the alleged Pakistani culpability in the Mumbai attacks. However, I am astounded over the nature of the evidence presented by the Indian investigators. In light of the supposed evidence, one is left with only possibilities; either the terrorists were downright nincompoops, or the Indian propagandists need a refresher course in concatenating evidence.

What kind of terrorists on a suicide-mission carries their national ID cards with them? They might as well have carried their birth certificates too. What kind of terrorists leaves behind evidence/supplies, like a bag of flour, that could be traced back to its origin? They must have been hardcore nationalists who consumed only Pakistani products.

What kind of terrorists on a suicide-mission carries toothpaste and shaving cream with them? They must have been hygiene conscious suicide terrorists! After all, who doesn't wish to look well-groomed for his funeral?

What kind of terrorists stealthily sneak into India on a bright yellow rubber dinghy? Perhaps, they were safety conscious terrorists who didn't want to be accidentally run over by a larger vessel. The 10 terrorists must have been dwarfs with novelty weapons and supplies. Because fitting 10 fully armed men and tons of supplies on a 10x4 ft rubber-dinghy is nothing short of mathematical improbability.

In fact, I am surprised they didn't carry notarized confession letters with them. Even better, videos of in-advance confessions, taped in the presence of the Indian embassy officials in Islamabad!

Adnan Gill


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