Thursday, March 26, 2009

MQM, Racism and PCO

Once again, MQM has lived up to its reputation. As usual, on March 15 too MQM stood with the ruling clique. This time too, Punjab was the victim of its racially charged attacks. They hoped to create a rift between Punjab and other provinces, like when they tried to stoke racial tensions over the desecration of Ms Bhutto's shrine. Predictably, MQM's unsubstantiated accusations were followed by empty threats to quit the alliance. By now, everyone and their grandmother knows, if not within the same hour, MQM would retract the hollow threats within 24 hours; as MQM's lust for ministries always trumps its so-called principals. Just like MQM supremo Altaf Bhai, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman too specializes in opportunistic politics built on the foundations of racial hatred. He also desperately tried to marginalize the Lawyers' Movement through whipping up racial tensions.

It's hard to speculate on their true intentions or to say who their P.R. advisors are, but somehow these gentlemen always manage to line themselves with the rulers and on the wrong side of the history.

On a separate note; I would dare to give the latest round of political standoff to Mr. Zardari. He shrewdly managed to legalize Dogar appointment. Forced Lawyers' Movement to conclude without giving an inch to the resolution of Punjab crisis. Belligerent Punjab governor is still in the driving seat, and no heads have rolled over the flagrant misuse of the state power. PML-N is forced to roll back its street power, and the legislators are still nowhere even close to clipping dictatorial powers of Zardari. Even worst, it's anyone's guess, the makeup of the Supreme court Chief Justice Chaudhri will inherit, or if there are any strings attached to his restoration? To a layman like I, anything short of a complete reversal of November 3, 2007, PCO should be unacceptable.

Adnan Gill


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