Friday, July 03, 2009

Zardari Remembering Benazir Bhutto

Zardari Remembering Benazir Bhutto

By Adnan Gill

Recently, Asif Zardari wrote an Op-Ed piece, Remembering Shaheed Benazir. Following are a few of my observations and comments.

Mr. Zardari, when are you going to stop riding on Benazir Bhutto’s coattails? When are you are going to become a leader in your own right? So far, the only legacy you could leave is of a long list of broken promises and over half of your time in presidency spent abroad in luxury hotels.

If you have initiatives (like Iran-Pakistan- India gas pipeline or Pakistan-India relations) to sell to the nation then please stand next to a portrait of Pakistan ’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah; relate it to his vision, and not next to BB’s portrait and her philosophies. As much you or your party would wish to follow in BB’s footsteps, the only footsteps that should matter to the whole nation should be of its founding fathers, like Mr. Jinnah and Alama Iqbal.

You exhausted BB’s political capital the day you produced a handwritten note to became the co-chair of PPP. If you genuinely want to serve the nation, then please start with spending more time in Pakistan , honor promises you made, and stop posing for photos with habitual Pakistan bashers like Hamid Karzai.

Mr. Zardari, it’s high time you realize BB’s legacy can get you only so far. Please start building your own.


Blogger jojo said...

Mr. adnan gill please correct your record ; Mr. Zardari has really become a true leader ; after death of Benazir Bhutto , he saved PPP and Pakistan from disintegration ; he appointed a premier of Pakistan with consensus ; if he attaches him self with Benazir Bhutto portrait then its true because BB was attached to philosophy of Quaid Azam in turning Pakistan into true democratic , and modern state with all religious sections to pass their lives securely and safely ; Mr. Zardari has really created his own legacy and that is of reconciliation and superimposing parliament ; If Zardari visits foreign countries then he creates friends of Pakistan , then he gets nuclear deal offer from France ; then he gets friendship with Afghanistan and India ; he gets warm welcome from European union and Russia ; what else you want Mr. adnan

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